Monday, April 12, 2010

It's been a while

Easter break was long in one sense, but flew by at the same time. I was constantly busy, but well rested and had such a nice break at home. Catching up the first week, doing some wrok, getting kidnapped to shurle with grace, liudas and baby bug, burying a cat, food shopping, wakeing, funeralling, flower arranging and then finally digging the garden with daddy...
Oh it was so nice to be home.
Im in my element at home.
Its definately where my heart is.
Galway holds nothing for me anymore.
And eventho it is my work, im just so sick of the whole thing that i cant find the energy to put myself into it.
I know i have to.
But its very hard at the same time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Shelly Belly,

It's Sophie!! I just had to write to you... had a crazy dream about Kylemore last night... long story short, it made me reminisce about all the fun we had... then i found your live journal and smiled because it just reminded me...

i know we dont talk anymore, but i do miss you and shiv.

hope you are well x x