Monday, March 1, 2010

True Blue

Blue is one of those colours that not many people can fault. It is the colour attributed to the throat chakra, which governs communication, as is associated with being trustworthy, dependable and committed.

Because the sky and the ocean are both blue, the rise and fall of the tides, the telling of the time of day, blue is a constant in our lives. We are surrounded by blue, even though it doesnt really occur in nature, we still see it everywhere...the mail boxes in America are blue (a reference to communication?)

But the most interesting thing I found out today about blue, is that of all birds, owls are the only ones that can see the colour perfect is that?!

I was thinking about calling the first picture owl babies, cuz mum is obsessed with owls...and we are her babies...i know i know...a bit obvious...but i like it...

And also, because me and the boy are so close, i thought blue would be appropriate for our connected portrait. We talk, ALOT...he is my confidante, we communicate in unspoken words also. i think its something that comes with being siblings...

I like 'true blue' as refers to loyality, and faithfulness...i think me and eoghain will be loyal towards each other to the last. i mean, he sat all the way through The Lovely Bones with me tonight, and didnt even make fun of me for crying all the way through it...who else can say that they have a brother like that?

The End

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Jane O Sullivan said...

shelly these drawings are fantastic
I love them and the writing
We saw the lovely bones too ....flaberghasted thru the whole thing soon and we can discuss
my word verification is ...seapanse
how perfect
glad I called by :)