Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I've had this in my head all morning... Patsy Cline's Crazy . Whenever I go with mum to a gig I always requst that she sings this...I dont know why...I think it's prolie cuz she does it such justice... My mummie's amazing ^_^

I also love love love this , It's Love You, by The Free Design. It was/still is on a Toyota add, i think, where the cars all change. I love adds that have amazing music...i just HATE having to then find out what the song is...that usually takes months. I remeber when I first heard Florence and the Machine's Cosmic Love on the O2 add last year, before she got big obviously...that add tormented me for months...and then finally after recording it on my phone I played it for one of my friends, Elaine, and she instantly recognised it, thank god!!!

Enjoi ^_^

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