Saturday, August 23, 2014

Dublin Zine Fair

So the annual Dublin Zine Fair took place last weekend (I know, it's taken a whole week to digest! (well actually other things have happened in the mean time, but more on that later)). My dear friend was kind enough to bring my box of tricks up with her, as I couldn't actually make it myself, unfortunately. But alas, they were well received, and the weekend by all accounts, was a wonderful success. 

Here I am, looking slightly deranged in the lead up to the weekend. I wouldn't normally be one to document myself in such a way, but the photo does have a purpose, see here.

This year, my contribution was a zine made up of some details from my most recent drawings. On the backs of each page is a personal reflection. It felt very natural to create such a thing, combining my love for drawing and writing in a very truthful and raw way. 

Thanks Jane for being such a legend and holding down the fort! It looks lovely x

And thank you to all who went home with a bit of ShelkyBean. To know that you connected with the work in such a way that you couldn't leave it behind means the world to me. That what it's all about.

Also, well done to the girls of BabyBeef for facilitating and co-ordinating such a wonderful event. Fingers Crosses I'll be at the next one!

In relation to the double parenthesis at the start of this entry, something rather magic happened during the week which has to be made into a zine. I'll keep you posted.

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