Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Invisible Circus...is coming soon!

detail from Live Softly upon this Earth

It's true, it is. The Invisible Circus is on it's merry way. 
My very first solo show is opening in the Charlestown Arts Centre on the 25th of October at 7.30pm ! And I'm very happy to say that published poet and author, John Corelss will be opening it for me.

Since finishing college, I've been busily working away on a collection of drawings and ideas, so I'm thrilled that they will be out in the world for a little while! Luckily the show overlaps with the John Healy weekend, so I'll be getting a bit of exposure :) 

I'm looking forward to seeing the pieces on. the. wall. Seeing them at their full size is another major plus. And of course welcoming anyone and everyone who comes to the show. It will be so. so. nice.

So excited.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Shelly! I am so happy for you :)



Anonymous said...

Is that Rita Hayworth in the picture above?? :)))

Shelky Bean said...

Nope, it's actually based on Loretta Young, but thank you for your comment :D

Anonymous said...

Oh! :) I love Loretta Young! She was very beautiful. <3 She reminds me a bit of Joan Crawford?? Anyway - good luck with your exhibition! ♥