Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Sometimes I take a break and do something for fun, just for me. For practice, or something. Or at least that's my excuse. This is that sort of something.
Michelle Keegan, or Tina from Coronation Street, is actually the only reason I watch the show. Her story lines are completely gripping and my heart at the moment is breaking for her. Tina, obviously, not Michelle.
Anyways, here's some crazy fan-girl art I threw together this morning, because if I don't do 'fun things' every so often, I begin to HATE everything I draw.

It's better this way, I'm sure you'll agree...even if it is a bit creepy.


Anonymous said...

You'll have to fill me in on this one next time ;)

Also, I can totally see the two studio-mates in the image you made earlier. Pretty sure they will like it, too!



Shelky Bean said...

:) Not sure what you mean Kamila.
The girls LOVE the drawing I did of the 3 of us...like, embarrassingly so. It's so funny and cute. :D

Jane O Sullivan said...

great drawing shelly , I love it xx

Anonymous said...

Oh, you know, so not up to date on the story lines these days...