Thursday, January 19, 2012

So lovely lovely Doodler's Anon are having a new comp for a coloring book they are putting together. Of course, one of my absolute FAV things are coloring books. I spent most of my childhood filling them in with my pristine crayons and paints. Really love them.
Anyways, I know that this is an old drawing, but I couldn't resist. I simplified it down, changed it to black and resized it according to their specifications. I will never get tired of this drawing. It was a massive break through for me, and boosted my confidence right back to where it should be - quietly humble, but strong.
For the purpose of the comp. I titled it Roisin's Magic Hat, which is exactly what it says on the tin. Again, thanks to Ros for being cool and letting me draw her. Thankfully I have awesome friends who don't mind me drawing them.
Fingers crossed this makes the cut. I would be so honored, happy, beside myself with glee if this got chosen. I shall keep you updated!!!

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