Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Balance Submission for Switch

This is a still image taken from the end of a film I am working on for an upcoming submission. I don't know what the final piece will be, or the title, but it is something I have been thinking about and working on for a good few months now. There is so much collected for it, and I just want to use it all, but I know, I know that sometimes it is in what we take away that makes the work. So maybe it wont turn out how I had initially planned for it....I want to be proud of whatever it grows into. And this still is making me very proud indeed. 
The submission is due in the first of November, so when it's sent off, Ill upload my final product and post it here. Fingers and toes crossed everyone !

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Jane O Sullivan said...

wow !
I cannot wait to see how this develops........good luck shelly x