Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Carousel Ponies

Greetings friends! Now, a longer post is in the pipeline, but let this whet your appetite for more. These little fillies had their first outing last weekend in Dublin. They are the latest in my collection of ever growing Kewlery. Meet the Carousel Ponies...inspired directly from The Invisible Circus (more of that to come soon)!
I love them on the hand, and yes yes yes, I will have pictures of my stand up soon, I just need to charge my camera up, she's been working so hard lately! And before you go away shaking your head thinking, "My goodness, how could anyone get away with wearing jewelry like that"...let me assure you that you can, because I do!

1 comment:

Jane O Sullivan said...

fantastic shelly !
wow ....invisable circus I can hardly wait :)