Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Super Extra Bonus Amazing Girls on Tour like you've never seen it before, for the WIN

Right, so from the title, you can problie tell that Im still a bit hyper from the weekend. It was what it says on the tin, pretty epic in every sense of the word. The sheer enormitiy of the feat at hand alone earns most of the title, but all the inbetweens, ins and outs...well that's what makes something extra spesh
(I've also aquired several teenage phrases which Im just going to go ahead and run with)

Quick recap for my captive audiance:
Got the train up to Dublin, just to pass the time and use up some nervous energy, I had a few finishing off things to do. Nothing like leaving it to the last minute. And eventhough Im promising myself now that Ill never get myself in that situation again, I know that it'll happen....so ill just have to let myself off the hook when it does.
Feliticy picked us up from the train station and we went back to her's and chilled in her too nice house, have a lovely dinner of pea (ours from the garden) and mushroom risotto, and spinach/courgette and potato soup...along with two desserts. Roisin arrived later that evening because of work..but it was nice once everyone was under one roof. Jane and I finished off everything and had a late enough one...

The next morning, all dolled up to the 9s, porridge in us and all the rest of it, we set off for the Ranelagh arts centre, not knowing what lay ahead...this was all new ground for me to tread. We arrived about an hour early, so just had enough time for a walk to Rathmines to go for a sneaky chazz...then legged it back in time to get some tea and toast in a place which looks like its stuck back in time, in a totes good way. Elieda and Owen and their baby surprised us by joining us just in time for to go over the road and set up for the day
and what a day! I really enjoyed every second, from setting up and knowing exactly where everything was going to go, to taking to people who were genuinely interested in my work. It was wonderful seeing people 'get it'...so many walked away with a softie owl brooch including a cute-sy little blonde girl, two of my fellow exhibitors, and one of the members of Gypsey Rebel Rabble. Most of my little bear books went as well, which I was only too pleased about. It was a lovely atmosphere, nothing like any of the shows Ive exhibited in before where your basically petrified standing next to your work, god forbid someone should ask you about it. No, this was different all together. Laura and Fie surprised me with visits, which was more then welcomed, and I also walked alway with some zines and things that i liked. While I loved nearly everything there, unfortunately the funds were a bit tight this time around, and the prospect of having to cart it all back to mayo was more then daunting!

All in all I thought it was a massive success and I really enjoyed it! I will definately be at the next one with new work and a much better idea of what 'works' and what doesnt :) The Girleens arrived then, looking quite tired from their trip to ikea, and we went home and experienced more of Felicity's exceptional cooking in her cute house, with her visiting handsome cat :)
I had a bit of a meltdown in the form of giggles which didn't stop for ages, and landed me with tears streaming down my face, but it was good to rid myself of all that nervous energy which i had been surpressing all day!!! :)
Sunday we went to Dun Loighre carboot sale, getting the dart out which was fun because ive never gone on it, so it was a bit of a novelity :) I bumped into Laura and met her lovely boyfriend, and picked up a few bits and pieces for work :) It was nice hanging out with Ros and laura...there's been a bit of a lack of 'hanging' with peeps my own age this year because of distance/money/plans etc etc, so it was reviveing to say the least. There were lots of lovely people at the carboot who liked my red owl and pyramid ring, so that was a pleseant surprise!
Afterwards we were caught in a bit of a shower, but found a lovely place to get lunch called bits and pizzas. It was actually lovely, and if I ever find myself in that part of the world again, Ill be calling in there. We pottered around for a bit, then headed back to the city where Felicity picked us up and brought us for a walk to the garden of Rememberence...or memorial garden? I cant remember its exact name, but it had  a lovely Rose garden, and Herons, so i was happy out :) There was a rope tied to a tree that the kids were swinging off, which was pretty entertaining. If I was lighter or hand stronger arms, I would have totally gone for it, but the prospect of falling on my backside/ breaking the tree branch or generally embarassing myself didnt exactly appeal ;)
We got the nicest fish and chips Ive had for a long time afterwards, and I supplied M&S massive chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Hyper as anything Bee and Meabh provided the entertainment for the evening which has me in stitches, they are too funny.
All ready for bed, the girls had a bit of a slumber party
We went to Ikea land the next day, and Ros went into town to go vintage shop hunting...if I had an endless supply of money, or space, IKEA would be amazing...and it is and was. I got lovely fabric, and nice things for the house, and inspiration. Bucket loads of inspiration this weekend in general actually...
Loaded down with out wears, and seeing the time, we departed and made our way back to the train station...we got there just in the nick of time, about 40 minutes early, which was lucky, any later and it would have been even more stressful.
5 women...can you imagine the luggage...
Now double that, and thats what im talking about.

All in all, the weekend was amazing, and really capped off this summer nicely. Its a great achievement to have made all that work, put so much effort into the presentation, brought it up, set it down and stood over it. I was really proud of myself (which never happens) and proud of all of us as a team. It's such a comfort to know that Jane and I work that well together, and that her kids like me. It would be a pure nightmare if they didnt, i cant even bear the thought.

So now I hear you ask, what's next?

Picnic is next, init?

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Jane O Sullivan said...

definate achievement shelly
you can do it and you did it in style
thank you for a memory laden weekend :)