Saturday, February 13, 2010

Orange and blue...sure what can you do!

After my shower this morning, I arranged my outfit for the day on the bed: brand new prussian blue tights, cyan flowery knee length skirt, mauve top with rose trimmed neckline and what I would consider a dark teal 'boyfriend' cardi. Once arranged, I stept back and thought, 'yes, that looks quite nice, I'm happy with that.'

As soon as I had dressed and fixed my hair, Marmalade (my Galway cat) appeared at my window...beckonning to be let I obliged her as I usually do when I'm home for any length of time. She gingerly made her way through the window and began nuzzling herself into everything...the edge of books, the corners of the dresser, the tops of my shoes etc. At this point I was sitting on the bed watching her and deciding whether or not I should wear my new knee high black socks with neon hearts that mum got me for my 23rd...when Marmalade began weaving herself in and out of my legs...

She obviously recognized just how striking a blue and orange combo would be...of course...resistance was futile.

My solution...wear the knee high socks!

Note to self: never share company with a ginger cat while wearing various shades of blue.

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Jane O Sullivan said...

hee hee x
I have pressie , its here when tou come ...soon soon