Saturday, November 7, 2009

alex at the spanish arch one night a few weeks ago...i like the light on her jeans and elbow

keelin with her handwriting overlain, sitting outside the college on one of those lovely days we very rarely have...

oh that felt wonderful!!!!im so happy those are finally up.
just had assessments there on thursday, which im so happy are over. thesis presentation on monday, not looking so forward to that, but i think itl go ok. and my graduation is tuesday, cant wait!!!
i got a wonderful dress thursday after my assessment for the graduation, its the nicest dress ive ever had, i cant wait to get all dolled up and boogie, its so desperately needed!

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Jane O Sullivan said...

hi there miss shelky bean , I hope that you are well thanks for dropping by ....looking forward to seeing your dress :)
I love the top blind drawings , they work SO well with the photos